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Ata Round Rattan Bag, Brown Braided

Ata Round Rattan Bag, Brown Braided

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Each carefully woven bag tells a story while going through the process of hand weaving and drying on a coconut fire to arrive at it final color. We deep clean every bag and use an odor neutralizer before drying them in the sun. Every bag is meticulously quality controlled. From the material to the weaving quality to the ideal finish - we take care for every step!

Bag diameter: 8" (20 cm) Bag height: 2.6" - 2.8" (6.5 - 7 cm)

Leather (genuine)

shoulder straps length: 50" (126 cm)

Please note that batik linen inside varies. Each bag is individually hand crafted by our local Bali artisan. No two bags are identical.

Made in Indonesia

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