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Scandi Peepers (+1.50)
Scandi Peepers (+1.50)

Scandi Peepers (+1.50)

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Scandi reading glasses provide just a touch of retro with a rectangular frame and fashionably chunky temples molded for all day comfort. Available in all standard reading strengths, we take it one step further with our unique Focus™ blue lightprotection. High-energy visible (HEV) blue light emitted from mobile devices, desktop monitors, and television screens has been shown to strain the eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. Our Focus™ blue light lenses filter out 40% or more of this harmful light. Protect yourself in style with a pair of Scandi.

The Lens:
Focus™ Blue Light Lenses
• Filters 40%+ of High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light
• 7 Layer Anti-Reflective Coating
• UV400 Protection
• Distortion Free Lenses
• Acrylic Aspheric Lenses
• Dual Anti-Scratch Coating
The Frame:
• Spring Hinges
• Polycarbonate Frame
• Complimentary canvas case included